Prof. dr hab. Zenon Marciniak

Corporate Finance [120191-0345]

Course Overview, Objectives, Methodology
Course Materials
Grading Schedule & Exam

Zero Exam June 5, 2019: Zero5JuneCF.pdf

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1 Operating, Investment and Financial Cash Flows CF1.pdf CF1.xls CF1s.pdf
2 The Time Value of Money CF2.pdf CF2.xls CF2s.pdf
3 Cost of Equity. Cost of Debt. WACC CF3.pdf CF3.xls CF3s.pdf
4 Tax Shield. Capital Structure and Firm Value CF4.pdf CF4.xls CF4s.pdf
5 Valuation Methods: FCFF, FCFE, CCF, EVA, BRA, RFA, APV, FEVA, DDM CF5.pdf CF5.xls CF5s.pdf
6 Financial Planning. CF6.pdf CF6.xls CF6s.pdf
7 Break-even point. DOL.DFL.DCL CF7.pdf CF7.xls CF7s.pdf
8 Investment Projects. Criteria of Capital Budgeting. CF8.pdf CF8.xls CF8s.pdf
9 Capital Budgeting. Special Issues CF9.pdf CF9.xls CF9s.pdf
10 Working Capital Management CF10.pdf CF10.xls CF10s.pdf
11 Equity Financing. Dividends. Valuing Shares CF11.pdf CF11.xls CF11s.pdf
12 Long-Term Debt. Valuing Bonds. Leasing CF12.pdf CF12.xls CF12s.pdf

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