Prof. dr hab. Zenon Marciniak

International Financial Reporting and Analysis [120031-0345]

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Course Overview, Objectives, Methodology
Course Materials
Grading Schedule & Exam
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1 Financial Reporting. Assumptions of the Accounting Model FR1.pdf Coca-Cola 10-K 2013 Report
International Accounting Standards Board
List of International Financial Accounting Standards
Financial Accounting Standards Board
List of FASB Pronouncements
Incorporating IFRS for U.S .
2 Financial Statements and Reporting Topics. Financial Accounting Concepts. Auditor's Report. FR2.pdf Conceptual Framework IASB
Guide to Public Company Auditing
3 Balance Sheet Analysis. Assets, Liabilities and Equity FR3.pdf
4 Income Statement Analysis. Earnings and Dividends FR4.pdf
5 Statement of Cash Flows Analysis FR5.pdf
6 Free Cash Flows Analysis (FFCF, FCFE, FRR, EVA, BRA, RFA, APV, FEVA, DDM) FR6.pdf
7 Common Size Analysis FR7.pdf
8 Long-term Debt-Paying Ability. Forecasting Financial Failure FR8.pdf
9 Short-term Liquidity Analysis. Operating Cash Conversion Cycle FR9.pdf
10 Productivity Ratios and Profitability Analysis FR10.pdf
11 Market Values and Book Values FR11.pdf
12 Break-even Point. Operating Leverage. Financial Leverage. Combined Leverage FR12.pdf
13 Summary Analysis. Case Study Oil & Gas
14 Summary Analysis. Case Study. Banks
15 Actual Problems with Financial Reports

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