Prof. dr hab. Zenon Marciniak

International Financial Reporting and Analysis [120031-0345]

Class attendance, attitude, and participation in class discussions is welcomed, but generally not a part of final grade.

Open-book exam:
The open-book exam will consist of questions and several problems to be solved by students.

A student should have an ID to show before exam.
A student is required to check that his name is included in the examination protocol at the Dean's Office.
It is not possible to take exam if a student's name is not in the protocol !!!.

It is possible to use crib slips (it is even desired), notes, including my teaching notes, any books and materials (even not recommended). It is reasonable to come with a simple financial calculator. It is not possible to use a laptop.

Leaving a question without any answer is unreasonable. It is eventually a lost of a chance for a good answer with a probabilty 0.25.

Immediate termination of an exam with a FAIL grade is followed by:
 1. talks and any forms of assistance from a neighbour,
 2. using a circular phone (a call to a friend).
Circular phones should be ABSOLUTELY switched off.

Final grade:
10-11: 3, 12-13: 3+, 14-15: 4, 16-17: 4+, 18-20: 5.

Sample exams: Sample exam

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